If you dont like your SCOM console crashing, then dont install update KB3185331. This update is contained in the following rollups:

October 2016 security only quality update for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2

If you already installed the update, and experience instability, just uninstall the update and reboot.

Microsoft also warned about this update:


You want a script to bulk create AD users? Here you have it.

The input CSV needs to be in the following format:


The HNAS web interface doesn’t provide per session TCP statistics, this needs to be done via the CLI. With the TCP session statistics you will be able to identify the most bandwidth consuming clients that are accessing the HNAS.

Logon to the HNAS CLI using Putty. I used the default ID: manager.

Now you are logged in, start a TCP connection statistics gathering. Specify a reasonable amount of seconds for the collection to run:

After the statistics are collected, display the results with the following command. The parameter ‘show-peer’ is important in this example, it will display the IP address of the machine talking to the HNAS: